You helped me with my Big Toe Pain too Dave, one treatment and was walking and jumping
without pain and my Foot Dr. was scratching his head in wonderment!! LOL
- Lynda Longan-Walker

My left hand and forearm was totally numb. I went to the doctor. They said it was Ulnar Neuritis.
He said I needed to have surgery to do an Ulnar Nerve Transfer. I talked to Dave and he said to
let him see what he could do. After 2 treatments with Dave and the robot I had all my feeling back
in my hand and forearm. Thanks Dave!, Forever Grateful.
- BM

I had a persistent hip pain from a water skiing fall going back 50 years.  I felt it was something that had to be surgically corrected
and put up with it. One of my dance teachers said “You walk funny.”  I said “It was an old injury.”  He recommended Dave Wallwork.
This man cured my 50 year old problem by manipulating the muscles. It was not covered by insurance. He charged $150 for about a good hour session.  He said “You may have to come back again.”  The first 5 days were painless and then it started to come back,
so, I went back for a second appointment @ $150. I have been  pain free ever since.  It is unbelievable.
I know several other people that have used him with great results I am so happy with my results, as were others.
- Mariann Haugh

Well, Dave... I had to slow myself down a number of times during my easy-paced training run this morning. This is a good thing!
The best way to describe the sensation was that my body felt "stacked"... or maybe aligned is a better word. I had some residual
tightness post-run, but nothing that a few minutes of stretching couldn't alleviate. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
- Sherry L

May you always be close by..not sure how my body would ever recover without your help!!! Thank-you! See you next week.
- Sally B

Your a miracle worker!!! My hip hasn't felt this good for about 2 months now, and now like 95% of the time it feels just as
good as it did before I hurt it :D
- Alissa J

Hey Dave - Thanks for all the help! Your therapy is amazing!!!!!!
- Anna B

This week while my husband was at a conference in Florida, we had the opportunity to have a treatment at the Sarasota Meilus Precision Therapy clinic. I had several issues due to the I.T. Band syndrome and the surgery on my knees and Don has had a bad shoulder for years. The A.T. who runs the clinic is a childhood friend of my husband, who did standard physio therapy for many years with Pro baseball teams. He now owns two Meilus robots which take the place of his hands with much more precision and without tiring. This was an amazing experience. I was stiff and sore before I went in but when I left there I could walk easier and had a great deal of relief from the pain. My husband had a treatment on his shoulder and for the first time in years he was pain free. The following day we both went golfing and Don was able to swing freely with his shoulder, that nite he slept well without the usual apres'-golf shoulder pain which would normally keep him awake. I was just happy to be able to walk around without stiffness and pain and I managed to swing my clubs. Now I am looking forward to more of the same. this treatment is relatively new and is really worth it, I can't believe the change in my stiffness, tightness and pain. I wish I had found this place earlier, I may have been golfing a month earlier!!
- Christine B


The robot feels fantastic and enables me to keep playing golf. I have a bad lower back and I came close to almost stop playing
the game. The robot in one session takes away the pain and increases my flexibility by 2 to 3 hundred percent.
Now my back feels great. 
- MM

In a very short time my range of motion increased greatly. There is pressure but it doesn't hurt a lot. The difference is like
night and day. I recommend this treatment to anyone that has tried other things and is looking for something to get rid of
pain to contact Meilus.
- MN

The robot feels great and makes sense for golf! You need long lean muscles not bulk muscles! I lay down on the table and take a nap. When I wake up I feel great. My swing is longer and more effective.
- MS


It felt good and definitely loosened my muscles up. I don't want to be muscle bound, I want to be loose. Immediately my range of
motion drastically changed. I'm shocked!
- CL

The treatment increased my flexibility on my chronic hamstring.
- PH

Therapy is unique and painless. Improves flexibility better than stretching. Helps me perform at a different level.
- CL

The robot relieved the pain in my leg and gave me back flexibility and range of motion. This increased my performance.
- MW

Soothing & relaxing. Improved range of motion; hips, back and arms more free.
- VA


The robot arm is fantastic! When I first came in I wasn't feeling good but now I feel great. The robot relieves tension and stress and helped me do things I still like to do but couldn't. I'm standing straight and my hip feels fantastic - no pain. I will be coming in as
often as my schedule will allow me.
- PE


Dave's expertise with the Melius "robot arm" worked wonders with my lower back and hip pain. He also was able to work on my throwing shoulder and my range of motion increased on the spot after one treatment. He is knowledgeable and passionate about helping others.
I recommend him and his treatment plan to anyone who has muscle or pain issues.
- Mack J