If a muscle is hard it is shortened.
If you move against a shortened muscle it hurts.
If you move violently against a shortened muscle it tears!
Hard, shortened muscles restrict one's range of motion.
Hard musculature contains a buildup of lactic acid, making it tender to the touch.
Stretching provides limited results; you can only stretch to the adhesion of a shortened muscle.
The Therbo Robot is a muscle lengthening device that can break up these adhesions.
Lengthened muscles benefit from increased performance, decreased recovery time and garner
greater results from stretching!

What is Muscular Therapy?

  Meilus Muscular Therapy Method is a revolutionary method of treating injuries, relieving
aches and pains, and dramatically improving athletic performance. Unlike other therapy methods
that focus more on relieving the discomfort associated with a muscular disorder,
Meilus Muscular Therapy Method takes an engineering approach by fixing the problem.

  What does engineering have to do with pain and sports performance? Everything. Our musculoskeletal system is a series of cables (muscles) working to operate a variety of levers (bones). When one of the cables shortens it affects the entire system and causes
pain in the joint and in the muscles surrounding that joint.

  As a muscular therapist Dave studies the body from an engineering perspective to determine which muscles have shortened
and are causing the malfunctions in the system.

  The premise is very simple:
If the muscle is hard, it has shortened.
If you move against a shortened muscle it hurts.
If the muscle is shortened you have moved the fulcrum of a lever system. Range of Motion is lost, Power is lost.
If the muscle is shortened, it has lactic acid in it. It will be tender to the touch.
If you move quickly or are pushed quickly against a shortened muscle, you will tear the muscle or dislocate the joint.

How does Muscular Therapy Work?

  When muscles are over-worked or traumatized by injury, they produce waste products such as lactic acid. Healthy muscles
rid themselves of these chemicals by passing them into the bloodstream. Muscles repeatedly over-exerted or severely injured
begin to lose their natural ability to cleanse themselves. The result is a harmful buildup of waste, a sort of slow poisoning of your
muscles. This buildup restricts normal blood flow causing muscles to contract and become stiff and achy. If ignored long enough,
the problem can develop into chronic pain as well as skeletal and neurological disorders.

  Meilus Muscular Therapy Method helps unhealthy or exhausted muscles by ridding the tissue of waste, restoring normal blood
flow, and allowing the muscle to relax and lengthen to its normal state. In order to achieve these results, the therapist applies
pressure to an aggravated muscle or group of muscles, triggering a reaction that begins the healing process.

  Athletes are not the only people who over-exert their muscles. People who have suffered a traumatic injury are not the only
ones with damaged tissue. Everyone from an auto-mechanic to a typist, has, at one time or another, over exerted or injured
themselves and ended up with sore hands, a sore back, or some other pain. Its when these aches become chronic or begin to
hinder your performance that they need to be addressed. Meilus Muscular Therapy Method can help.


  Imagine you fixed rubber bands to both sides of a swinging door. As long as the rubber bands on each side of the door were of
equal strength, you would be able to open the door an equal distance in both directions. But, picture what would happen if you
were to double or even triple the strength of just one of the rubber bands! First of all, you would not be able to close the door
because it would always swing to the side of the stronger rubber band. What's more it would be nearly impossible to open the
door against the force of the stronger rubber band.

  The muscles in your body work in the same way. If one muscle is too tight, it restricts the movement of others!
Meilus Muscular Therapy Method can help.

What it does…. And what we can do for YOU

Engineering systems approach – look at the whole body
If you are limping from a sliver in your foot and hurting your back, take out the splinter first.
Find the source of the problem, which is not necessarily where it hurts.

  Dramatic changes in just one visit – Why?
Lengthening muscles removes pain.
Lengthened muscles increase flexibility.
If you work against a shortened muscle, performance is lost, pain sets in, and if over stretched, it will injure by tearing.
Increased flexibility benefits every area of life.

  Longevity Breakthrough:
Astounding changes in strength, flexibility and posture.
Quality of life changes that you may be attributing to age.