You Need It All !

People will say things like: it's amazing what nature can design. Many people believe that nature is a designer when you give it billions of years to do its work. How does it do it? Natural selection of favorable random improvements. For example, if a mutation adds a respiratory system, then that's better than not breathing!!


How could a whole breathing system appear in one mutation? That's in one instant, not billions of years?  Evolutionist will say, wait a minute, the respiratory system evolved gradually, not in one shot. But would a partial respiratory system work or be useful? Could your lungs be useful if they were not connected to your mouth with a wind pipe? Would your wind pipe be useful if you had no lungs? Would your nose and lungs be useful if you have no wind pipe?  No, all these need to be there. Any part is useless without the whole. The mutation that created it must have created the whole system.


Can nature "design" a whole functional respiratory system over one generation? Common sense says no.