Using simple logic, you can determine which of creation or evolution makes more sense. Can everything come from nothing? Can order come from disorder? If evolution created millions of new species in the past, why has it stopped for the past several thousand years?  Everybody can spend some time on these basic questions to start forming an opinion on what is more logical: creation or evolution.




Life is extremely complex. Take the human body for example. Like a computer, it has hardware and software. Its hardware is made of flesh and bones. And its software is the DNA written in each of its trillions of cells. Electricity runs through its nervous system, allowing its brain to control multiple and complementary systems. Not only is the human body infinitely more complex than a computer, it also has the ability to reproduce. How could evolution give rise to such complexity? If the infinitely simpler computer required some of the best designers, what should we conclude bout the human body?




Order is omnipresent in our world. The sun rises and sets every day. The moon's orbit causes the steady ebb and flow of the tides. Plants and trees absorb water and sun rays to give us oxygen, fruit and vegetables. Can such precise and life-sustaining order emerge on its own through cosmic and biological evolution? Or was this order established by a higher power?




Majestic sunsets, shimmering northern lights, starry nights, pristine beaches, exquisite flowers, the vivid color patterns of wild animals. Where did all this beauty come from? Could the big bang and evolution have given rise to it? Why are we able to recognize beauty when we see it? Did beauty require a creative act?




Is there anything in the world not made up of atoms?  What about the love parents feel for their children? What about the free will you exercise every day?  What about your soul? Are these just chemical reactions happening in your brain? Or is there a part of you that is more than just atoms, and by definition supernatural? By what natural process could a supernatural soul evolve? Or was your soul created by a supernatural being we call God?




The vast majority of scientists accept evolution as fact. They believe microbes evolved into men over billions of years through the natural selection of favorable mutations. Yet, today, new species are no longer being created by evolution. Dogs give birth to dogs, and cats give birth to cats. We don’t observe very slow and gradual favorable changes either. Evolution has gone cold. And scientists keep discovering species that have experienced zero evolution for hundreds of millions of years. These are hard facts that challenge the theory of evolution. Could it be that evolution might not be such a certainty after all?




The Bible is often referred to as a “book of myths” invented by men to better control weak-minded people. The truth is that the Bible is amazingly consistent with history and reality. Archaeologists have confirmed countless people, places and events of the Bible. Forty different people wrote it over a period of approximately 1,500 years in three different languages. Yet, it has a perfect consistency of message throughout. Billions of people have found meaning and peace in the Bible. This is no ordinary book.