Symmetry is omnipresent in the living world. The right side and the left side of most life forms are mirror images of each other. Leaves. Insects. Fish. Birds. Mammals. They all have very symmetrical features.


According to the theory of evolution, random mutations gave rise to these symmetrical features. But if mutations are truly random, as evolutionists theorize, how could they result in such symmetry? One would expect a random process to generate anything but symmetrical patterns.


If you google “evolution of symmetry”, you won’t find much because evolutionist are puzzled by symmetry. One working assumption is that, out of billions of mutated life forms, only the very rare ones with new symmetrical features were selected and survived because it gave them an advantage.


But when you think that humans and their many symmetrical features had to evolve from simple cells, the number of intermediary life forms, including all the asymmetrical ones, is just astronomical. There is just not enough time for this process to take place over the assumed 4 billion years since life appeared on Earth.


If symmetry can’t be explained by naturalistic mechanisms, one has to look to the supernatural. Symmetry shouts design. Its functionality, practicality and aesthetics all point to a formidable designer. And according to Genesis, God is the supernatural architect behind symmetry.