According to evolutionists, the first life forms that emerged from the primordial soup reproduced asexually. These first organisms could generate offspring alone by simply splitting in two. It took about three billion years for sexual reproduction to suddenly appear, with a male and female combining their genes 50/50 in their young.


So in the evolutionary framework, what events had to take place for sexual reproduction to emerge and take hold?


  • An organism needed to be born with the ability to produce gametes (gametes are cells that carry half of the chromosomes)
  • Another organism needed to be born with the same ability
  • The gametes of these two individuals needed to have the capacity to fuse their chromosomes to form a new life
  • All of the above needed to be programmed in the chromosomes of these two organisms because the chromosomes control the reproductive process
  • These events needed to take place concurrently, otherwise if only one was missing, sexual reproduction would not have taken hold
  • If evolution theory is true, the above would have been the result of random mutations


The foregoing is a gross over-simplification of the extensive, complex and interrelated changes required. Could random mutations, errors really, create such fine-tuned and complementary changes? Not to mention that these changes make reproduction much more complicated and expensive, which goes against the fundamental tenets of evolution.


What are the alternatives to evolution? If sexual reproduction did not evolve through a random aimless course, then it must have been a controlled purposeful action. And this is exactly what the Bible says happened. According to Genesis, God created man and woman, as well male and female animals. He designed them with the clear intention that they would reproduce sexually. When you think about it, how amazing is it that a man and a woman can make love and have babies that perfectly blend their DNA? How unbelievable is it that the complex male and female reproduction systems are completely different, yet fully complementary? It makes sense to believe such amazing design requires an amazing designer.