According to evolution theory, senses evolved through gene mutations. Because a sense is only useful if all components are present, how could a single mutation have generated all the components at once ? If not by a single mutation, evolutionists have to believe that millions of tiny mutations over eons gradually built the senses. But if this were the case, why would a life form with say, a brand new receptor not connected to anything, be subject to natural selection? And by the way, a receptor is an extremely complex system in and of itself, and would require countless mutations to build up over time.


Creationists believe God designed and gave us our senses because he knew we would need them in this world. Senses are such complex systems, it makes sense to believe their creation required divine intervention.

Humans have five amazing senses: sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste. These senses are extremely complex systems that bring information to us using receptors, nerves, neurons, synapses and electricity. Every component needs to be there for a sense to function. For example, receptors on our skin would be useless without the nerves that go all the way to the brain’s neurons and synapses, and without electricity running through the whole system.