6 Steps to a Creation Worldview


If you believe in Evolution, it’s probably because you were taught at a young age that it is a scientific fact. And who are you to challenge all those PhDs! But, with a little curiosity and some research, you could experience an epiphany and realize that Creation actually makes a lot more sense than Evolution.  


Here are the steps that could be on your journey to belief in Creation: 


Step 1: Take a good look at the living world around you and realize that order, complexity and beauty are omnipresent. Just think of DNA, the amazing code for life, or the perfectly complementary reproductive systems of male and female.


Step 2: Ask yourself: How did such order, complexity and beauty originate? Where did such design come from?


Step 3: Learn that, fundamentally, there are two possibilities for the origin of life: either life was created supernaturally or it created itself by natural processes. In other words, God created life or nature did it on its own. Conclude logically that either Creation or Evolution is true, but not both. Then, begin a search for the Truth.


Step 4: Search the web for “evolution of sex”, “evolution of the eye” or “evolution of insect metamorphosis”. Realize that these, and countless other features of life, remain unexplained mysteries to scientists. Recognize that belief in Evolution requires Faith just like belief in Creation.


Step 5: Search the web for “evidence for Creation”. Realize that Creation, as described in the book of Genesis, perfectly fits with what we observe in the world today, including the amazing design in life, the male and female genders, the mutually exclusive animal kinds, the vast amount of water on Earth, and the list goes on and on.


Step 6: After researching both Creation and Evolution, conclude that the random process of Evolution cannot explain the amazing design, order, complexity and beauty of the living world, and that Creation by a supernatural being was necessary.


+3 Steps to Salvation


If you’ve made it this far, you are just a few steps away from Salvation.  If you have not yet accepted Jesus as your savior, take the next three steps on your way to Salvation. 


Step 1: Research the different religions and beliefs of the world and realize that only some of them are based on Creation, including Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Realize that the world’s three main religions share the book of Genesis, which recounts how God created a perfect world about 6,000 years ago, that sin and death then entered our world when man rebelled against God, that we are all descendants of Adam and Eve, that we live in a fallen world and that our souls need to be saved.


Step 2: Discover that Jesus was a real person mentioned more often than Mahomet in the Koran, and whose life and death is part of both Roman and Jewish history books, written soon after he died. Learn about the many ancient Jewish messianic prophecies he fulfilled and that he died on the cross so mankind could be saved by grace.


Step 3: Recognize that you are a sinner destined for physical and spiritual death, who needs to be saved. Repent and accept the gift of salvation that Jesus is offering you today. Start enjoying the peace and joy that comes from knowing your sins are forgiven, and that the struggles of this life will one day give way to a perfect eternal life, free of any pain and suffering.