Most amazing engine

When man invented the engine, this genius idea started a revolution that would completely transform our lives. Quite fittingly, the word engine is derived from “ingenious”.


Engines come in all shapes and sizes, but there is one engine that sets itself apart. It’s a miniature rotary electric engine that runs on Hydrogen ions. It spins at an amazing rate of 9000 RPM. And you can fit a mind-boggling one thousand of these tiny engines in a space of one millimeter. And it is built from organic living matter!


This engine, believe it or not, is in your body’s cells. Each of your 14 trillion cells has thousands of these tiny engines, which are each constructed with exactly 29 carefully fitted parts. Called Adenosine Triphosphate Synthase (ATP Synthase), these engines generate the energy currency necessary for life.  


The following video shows you how it performs 


The complex programming for building ATP Synthase is coded in the DNA. And ATP Synthase plays a key role in building DNA strands. This symbiosis means that the amazingly complex DNA and ATP Synthase both needed to emerge in our cells at the same time. Evolutionists are convinced this occurred by chance. How could this be when all the best engineers that ever walked the Earth have not been able to come anywhere close to designing such an amazing living engine? Evolutionists  put their trust in the power of the supposed billions of years of trials and errors. But this defies common sense and simple logic.


Seeing the wonderfully designed ATP Synthase engine in action has often been life changing for those who had doubts about God. There is just no way that random events generated such a marvelous machine. If not by chance, then a masterful designer had to do it. The Bible says that God created life on Earth. This means he must have created ATP Synthase because, quite simply, we need it to live! The amazing design we find in nature is the best evidence for God and his infinite power.