Look Around

Put aside for a brief moment what you were thought in school about evolution. Set aside for a minute what you’re bombarded with on TV about the big bang and the evolution of man from simple atoms over eons.  

And take a moment to look at the reality around you and form your own opinion using common sense.

That’s what we see.  That’s reality. And it completely contradicts evolution theory. Scientists will tell you not to trust your common sense and trust them instead. They want you to join them in their faith that one day they will be able to prove that unbelievable things were happening millions and billions of years ago when we were not around.


What does your common sense tell you? Life is so complex and ordered that it had to be created that way. Or life evolved from non-life following a completely random process based on favorable mutations.

If you look around, what do you see: 


Non-living materials don’t come to life on their own (rocks don’t

   turn into animals!), but rather life comes from life


Animals from a given species give birth to animals in the same

  species (humans are born to humans, dogs are born to dogs,

  etc…, anything else would be a nightmare!)


Order does not come from disorder by itself (you don’t see

  disparate objects get together by themselves to form more

  complex and organized structures)


Mutations are synonymous with birth defects, not improvements