Freewill is supernatural.


Now, that’s quite an assertion! But once you’ve spent some time thinking about it, maybe you will use your freewill and agree.


According to Wikipedia, freewill is “the ability to choose between different possible courses of action”. So it’s all about decision-making. When you make a choice, which part of your body is exercising that choice? Most will say: it’s my brain.


But if you are a naturalist and evolutionist, you believe that humans and their brain are made up of atoms and nothing else. Can atoms choose between different courses of action? We know that a single atom has no freewill.  It cannot decide whether to go right or left.  Same thing for a molecule, which is a combination of atoms. Our brains are just trillions of molecules, which on their own have no freewill.  Could they achieve freewill by getting together?


If we are truly just a very complex chemical reaction between atoms, then freewill is just an illusion. And hard-core atheists and naturalists are now reaching this conclusion, including the very famous Sam Harris. Do you agree with him that we do not decide anything in our lives?


Creationists believe God gave humans a spirit, which is not made up of atoms. The spirit is not physical. It is not material. It is supernatural by definition. Your spirit is the “you” inside your head. You know, the “you” that is in charge. It’s your spirit that has freewill. And if this makes sense to you, then it follows that freewill is supernatural. Your atoms don’t decide anything, you do!