Is a remorseless murderer evil? If you say yes, you might be a believer in the supernatural! Let me explain. According to most evolutionists, humans are made up of atoms only and do not have a soul, spirit or any other supernatural presence inside their body. They presume that the first life form emerged by chance when some atoms united in just the right way. Evolution then added new atoms gradually, until man arose from this random process.


Atoms on top of atoms still gives just atoms, so they believe our thoughts, feelings and decisions are just chemical reactions between the atoms in our brain. And since electrons, protons and neutrons can’t be neither good nor evil, they do not believe a murderer is inherently evil, but rather that he has a chemical imbalance that leads to evil behaviors. In other words, he has no evil intent and his atoms are just out of whack.


Does this make sense? Could there be no evil intent in this world? Were Hitler and Stalin just atomically challenged and therefore had no responsibility for the millions of people they ordered killed?


The Bible says that God created us with both a physical body and a supernatural spirit. God gave our spirit the ability to choose between right and wrong. It is our spirit that sets in motion our actions on this earth. It is our spirit that exercises freewill. Because we have a spirit that controls our actions, we are responsible for what we do. We intuitively know this and it contradicts what evolution theory and naturalism teaches.


If you believe murderers like Hitler and Stalin were responsible for their actions, it makes sense to conclude that their bodies were controlled by a spirit that decided to follow the most evil desires. And logically, their spirits were immaterial and therefore supernatural (i.e. not made up of matter found inmature).


Believing in the supernatural is an important first step in accepting the existence of God. From there, your journey will hopefully lead you to salvation through Jesus Christ.