Fact: Only 1 gram of DNA can store 455 million Terabytes of data. It would take about 200,000 tons of computer hard drives to store the same amount of data. DNA is therefore 200 billion times more compact than computer hard drives.


Fact: DNA is shaped in the form a beautiful double helix.  Each helix-shaped strand runs in the opposite direction from the other, yet, they are perfectly complementary. In total, the entire human DNA sequence (aka human genome) has some 3 billion base pairs each delicately connected together by hydrogen bonds.


Fact: DNA contains the instructions for the development, growth, reproduction and functioning of all living organisms. Amazingly, it can self-replicate. And one has to marvel at how the DNA of a man and a woman blend together in the DNA of their child. DNA is eons ahead of the best software and hardware ever designed by mankind.


Fact (according to most evolutionists): DNA occurred by chance.


Now why do most evolutionists believe such genius machinery and unbelievably complex programming emerged on its own out of the primordial soup?  It defies common sense and the odds are simply impossible. The reason: if not by chance, then it would mean an intelligent being designed DNA. The alternative is quite simply to believe God did it. And for the vast majority of evolutionists, this is an unacceptable scenario in a purely naturalist view of the universe (i.e. where only atoms exists and where supernatural beings are precluded a priori).

But when one looks with an open mind at the contrast between the complex architecture of DNA and the inert matter it supposedly emerged from, the intervention of an intelligent designer makes sense. According to the Bible, God created all life on Earth about 6,000 years ago. And since DNA is essential to all life forms, this means that God created DNA. It makes sense that such intricate design required an infinitely powerful designer.