Cute babies

Is there anything cuter than babies? With their big beautiful eyes, chubby cheeks, soft skin, irresistible smiles and adorable giggles. These little bundles of joy are the delight of their parents. But how did their cuteness come to be?


If evolution is true, baby cuteness must have conferred some advantage to our race. One theory is that cute babies got more love and attention from their parents, which fostered their development and improved their chances of survival. This survival of the cutest theory seems to make sense. But how could random mutations generate such symmetrical, interconnected and esthetical features?


Another theory is that our brains evolved the inclination to find babies cute, thereby giving the same advantage discussed above. In other words, cuteness is in the eye of the beholder. If this theory is true, a human baby is not objectively cuter than a baby cockroach. So this theory also seems to have its limitations.


However, if evolution did not take place and God is the creator of the universe, then what kind of baby design should we expect from the one with infinite power and knowledge? It’s hard to imagine that God would have designed babies any differently than the way they are: innocent, adorable, smiley, pudgy little blends of both parents.


The latter is a huge obstacle for evolution theory, with insurmountable odds against the parallel and complementary mutations in both man and woman that would allow their DNAs and looks to combine seamlessly in their children. But this would be no problem for a supernatural being with boundless abilities who foreknew the joy parents would feel when holding in their arms the perfect embodiment of their union and love for each other.