With billions of years, anything is possible. Including the evolution of man. That's what evolutionists fundamentally believe. And the ultimate proof is that we are here! According to evolution theory, with billions of attempts, nature will eventually perfect life to generate ever more complex and useful new features. And voila! Bacteria turn into humans.


Billions of births are the key to evolution. But wait a minute. There are currently 7 billon people in the world, which means as many births. And the number of births in recorded history is roughly estimated at 100 billion. That's a lot of tries at evolution. But evolution was never observed in humans during that time. Sumerians, Babylonians, Egyptians….all these early civilizations were humans just like us.


If you add the hundreds of billions of births observed in other kinds, like horses, cats and dogs, with no evolution as well (i.e. horses remained horses, and cats are still cats), you quickly reach trillions of attempts at evolution. To no avail.


How many billions of attempts at evolution do we need before concluding that it simply does not occur?