Our Mission

Today in Western society, the gradual evolution of life over billions of years, from the first simple cells to today’s rich biodiversity, is considered as absolute truth by the vast majority of people. It is taught in schools, covered by leading science magazines and the subject of multi-million dollar documentaries on prime time TV. Yet, nobody has ever witnessed evolution, and most people have not really spent much time at all investigating the evidence.  They typically trust the scientists who say there is overwhelming evidence for evolution.


But the reality is that, if one takes the time to look more closely at the evidence, it does not take much effort to figure out that the evolution theory is full of gaping holes, and defies common sense.  For starters, evolution scientists do not know how life came out of non-life in the first place some four billion years ago. Neither can they explain how the first cells obtained the ability to replicate themselves or join up to work together as part of more complex structures.  The apparition of the infinitely complex and information-rich DNA, which is essential to all life, is also a complete mystery. Scientists certainly have theories, but facts remain elusive. But they have faith that one day they will find the answers.


The key word here is “faith”.  The Merriam-Webster defines faith, as “the firm belief in something for which there is no proof”.  Is evolution proven? Certainly not, based on just the few examples given above.  Do evolution scientist have a firm belief in evolution? You bet!  Evolutionists have faith in the future discovery of naturalistic answers to what appears to be miraculous events in the history of life on Earth.  They believe that, over billions of years, anything is possible. Evolution requires faith, like any other religion.

Creation-vs-Evolution.com’s mission is to help people discover the overwhelming evidence for supernatural creation of the universe and everything in it by God, and make evolution believer realize they have put their faith in a theory that has major shortcomings. If you are a believer in evolution, we hope you will consider the evidence with an open mind. If you are already a believer in creation, we hope to strengthen your faith and provide you with the tools to better defend your beliefs.

Our Approach

Show how beauty, order and complexity provide

    overwhelming evidence for design by a Creator


Use simple logic and common sense to demonstrate the

    impossibility of evolution


Establish how the history of mankind, as described in

    Genesis and the Bible, is amazingly consistent with

    the reality we experience today


Trigger a reflection that hopefully will lead people to begin

    a journey toward Faith and Salvation

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