A beautiful girl

When she walks down the street, people notice her right away. Everything is in the right place as they say. Beautiful face. Beautiful hair. Beautiful body. Ideal proportions Is it because we are forced fed an ideal look in magazines that we notice her?  It might be part of the answer, but certainly not all of the answer. If you had never seen those magazines, would you still notice her? I think a reasonable person would say yes.


A perfectly symmetrical face is just more aesthetic and beautiful. Also there seem to be ideal proportions and shapes for every body part. Why do they exist and why can we recognize them?


How could the cumulative errors of evolution generate such beauty in the first place, and then the ability to recognize it? Errors and beauty are not synonymous. Neither are errors and the complexity of all the systems involved in recognizing beauty (vision, nerves, brain, circulatory system.....to make a few!)


Creationist believe that God created both beauty and the ability to recognize it. Adam and Eve were likely extremely beautiful. Cumulative errors in our genetic code over the last 6000 years have caused such beauty to fade away. Most of us don't  have a symmetrical face and our body proportions and shapes are usually quite imperfect. But every now and again, we catch a glimpse of that perfect beauty walking down the street. And we find it in both man and woman alike.


What we see today fits very well with a creation worldview and God is simply the best explanation.